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Ringless Voicemail for Collecting Debt


The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) permits debt authorities to contact debtors or their family to discover various personal information such as private home address, telephone number, or any information leading to asset recovery. As a debt collector, you traditionally rely heavily on phone calls and mailings but a new technology is emerging as a necessary tool, especially in today’s age when most people refuse to answer their phones. We’re talking about ringless voicemail.

How Ringless Voicemail Broadcasting Works

Ringless voicemail broadcasting delivers a message directly to mobile phones, in bulk, using server-to-sever communication. The huge benefit here is that this server-to-server communication isn’t regulated as a phone call under the telephone consumer protection act (TCPA). As such, this allows you to load a list of debtors, broadcast a message to their phones, and receive calls or text messages back.

Consider the effectiveness and reduced labor costs of broadcasting a voicemail message such as “Hi, this is Bob with Recovery Services calling about your unpaid bill with Acme Co. Please return my call or text me back as soon as possible.” A percentage of the debtors will contact you back without further effort on your part. You would then contact the remaining debtors as you always have.

Delivery Tracking and Reporting

Most debt collection agencies that we work with have stringent reporting requirements attached to their collection efforts. Ringless Reach reports on successful and failed attempts for each phone number and campaign that you execute. This allows your debt collection agency to report back, and get paid for, the attempts to reach each debtor. Oh, and by the way, Voicemail Marketing only charges you for the voicemails that are successfully delivered.

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