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Ringless Voicemail Marketing for Merchant Services

Merchant service companies play a key role in today's society, bridging the gap between business owners and consumer transactions. Anyone in the industry knows that the competition to sign a merchant has become fierce but also very lucrative. Getting a leg up on your competition has become increasingly difficult. However, ringless voicemail is a promising new technology that can enhance your existing efforts and make the process more cost effective with less effort.

As a merchant services provider, you need to market and promote your services by targeting merchants in ways that the competition are not. Ringless voicemail marketing is the new kid in town. Here’s all you need to know about how it can help you reach more merchants.

How Does Ringless Voicemail Work?

Ringless voicemail technology allows subscribers to broadcast voicemail drops directly to mobile devices within their contact list. Messages are directly placed into recipient’s voicemail box through our unique ringless voicemail software using server to server communication. Unlike text messaging which is highly regulated, ringless voicemail is classified as an "enhanced service" under current law and thus exempt.

How to Benefit from a Ringless Voicemail Service

Voicemail Marketing has extensive experience in the merchant service industry and we know first hand that what it takes to get a competitive edge. Cold calling is effective but expensive. Downsizing your outbound calling staff and pairing them with ringless voicemail marketing will not only lower expenses but it will flood your phone lines with hot inbound potential customers.

How Much Does Ringless Voicemail Cost?

Ringless voicemail is one of the most cost effective ways to mass market. Considering that you can drop a voicemail to thousands of potential customers at any one time, it is one of the most scalable and cost-effective marketing avenues available. Voicemail Marketing offers high quality, super simple to use, ringless voicemail services at very competitive pricing. 

Are You Ready to Get More Clients?

Pop us a message to speak to us about more on what we have to offer to boost your merchant service marketing campaign. Brainstorm with us and let’s bring you new hot leads!

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