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Ringless Voicemail for Marketing Political Campaigns


It is easy to believe political candidates win elections largely because of their policies and promises. This belief is only partially correct; political candidates succeed by employing a variety of methods and strategies to influence public opinion in their favor. In other words, they are excellent political marketers.

How can you market your political agenda or candidate? Traditional media like radio, newspaper, and television have been used to deliver political marketing campaigns to voters. These methods should certainly be part of a successful campaign to get out the vote. However, there are more direct, personal, more effective alternatives available.

We’re talking about ringless voicemail technology.

Ringless voicemail messaging alone can improve your audience reach by leaps and bounds. It works by delivering your candidate's personal voicemail message directly to the voter’s phone without disrupting them. It doesn’t get any much more direct or engaging than that. Here are all the reasons you need to kick start a ringless voicemail marketing campaign to reach your political goals.

Reach Your Voter Base

The average American checks their mobile phone 104 times a day, the question is how do you tap into this voter base? Ringless voicemail broadcasting will let you reach your voter base in a matter of minutes, no matter how small or large, local or national. You can broadcast your message hassle-free, and make sure it reaches your voters irrespective of their location.

The key to winning the election is to convey a very targeted and personal message to each voter group. Ringless Reach gives you the ability to create multiple voicemail campaigns so that you can tailor your message to specific demographics.

Break Free of Budget Limitations

Even the cheapest mediums can get quite expensive if you intend to market on a large scale. Ringless Reaches ringless voicemail software, offers competitive prices to its users, providing a practical solution to budget constraints. You can drop voicemails to your voter list for just pennies per drop. Don't worry you will only be charged for the voicemail messages successfully delivered.

Reach Voters the Unobtrusive Way

It is impolite to interrupt someone with an unsolicited call, even if it is about a political campaign. Ringless Reaches ringless voicemail drops are designed as an alternative to expensive and universally hated cold calling. We offer a solution to respect the voter’s privacy and not intrude in any way.

100% Compliant

We realize it is imperative that any marketing activities done in the name of a political figure should be absolutely legal and abide by the laws. As a political marketer, you enjoy many exemptions under federal law. Since ringless voicemail does not place a traditional phone call, the FCC classifies it as an “enhanced service” and not currently regulated under federal law. Of course, the usual caveats apply; you’ll want to consult your legal counsel for any additional rules that may apply to your specific campaign.

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